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Perguruan Seni Pencak Bandarkarima is Indonesian martial art and self defense institute, synergies three silat mainstreams of West Java called Sahbandar, Kari, and Madi. This site is dedicated to the Big Family of Perguruan Seni Pencak Bandarkarima and pencak silat fighters all around the world.

Bandarkarima Mission

Amar Ma'ruf Nahi Munkar.   Encourage to goodness and prevent from wickedness.

Bandarkarima Profile

Perguruan Seni Pencak BANDARKARIMA was founded by Bpk. H.M. Yosis Siswoyo in 1967.  Bandarkarima head quarter is located in Bandung, West Java.
Bandarkarima mainly synergies three pencak silat styles of West Java such as Sahbandar, Kari, and Madi. Sahbandar  emphasizes on flexibility of moving flow, Kari  on speed, and Madi  on power.

Contact Information

Perguruan Seni Pencak BANDARKARIMA

Telephone 62-254-601501
FAX 62-254-601539
Postal address Jl. Raya Anyer KM 123, Cilegon 42447
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